Ní thuigim

We imagined it might be amusing to learn a few Irish phrases before making the trip across the water, so we checked out some AV instructional materials from the library. As a result of effortful study, R and I have now mastered the vocabulary required for the following Irish dialogue:



Now, technically the first line of this exchange is in English, but since the word figures in 95 percent of the first-person narratives on the Irish-language immersion DVD, I believe it counts. The second line translates as “Goodbye” and was the one syllable on the Pimsleur Irish CD that both of us could realistically reproduce. (Thankfully the library’s CD was unplayable after Lesson Two. I suspect the scratches on the disc resulted from being thrown across the room rather than from years of devoted use by other citizens of Contra Costa County.)

There are worse words than goodbye. At least we will be well prepared for leaving the country. The parting glass! Slán.


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